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Saying Hello to Fall!

In many places around the country, the boating season is rapidly coming to a close, and it’s time to start thinking about winterizing and storing your personal watercraft.  When considering winterizing, these are the key steps to  take to protect your investment and ensure that your recreational asset is in excellent health and ready for the summer!

1.  Make a comprehensive checklist for all the things that need to be done and follow it so nothing gets overlooked that could cause problems for your boat later.

2.  Start the engine and change the oil while the engine is warm.  This tends to allow impurities to be flushed away with the oil.

3.  Change your filters: oil filter, transmission filter, fuel filter.

4.  Fill your craft with fuel to prevent the build-up of condensation during the winter months.

5.  For out-of-water storage, wash the hull and ensure that the exterior of the boat is clean and free of debris and any particles.  Also, remove your batteries and trickle charge them throughout the winter season.  For in-water storage, check your seacocks, rudder shafts, and packing boxes for leaks and repair as necessary; clean your battery terminals and ensure that your charging system is working.

This is just a start, but these tips will get you on your way to protecting your investment during the off season and being ready when spring rolls around next year.